New Beginnings.

No, I’m not quitting GE. In fact, I’m glad to announce I have a Deviant Art account. Fellas. Check it.

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Journey of the Auch Infantries (1)

Well, I first created them more than half a year ago. Lacked a bit in their training, in where finally I decided to Vet all three of them.

They share lots of stories. From Giancomo who decided to change his gender from male to female, and Ferdinand who turns out to be married with the beauty Grace Bernelli. From their first rafflesia raid to story development from the every Saturday Auch Drama.

Today, they have the honor to show pictures taken when they get to met GM Lorenza, and become her “Self-Appointed Personal Bodyguards”

And here’s also a slightly larger picture to prove their veterancies

Yes, I got them costumes as well. Call me crazy, but hey. These guys are the super stars of me barracks xD


Story to be continued in Journey No. 2

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Bracing for 3.0

Ahoy all, Bringy here.

Now that we’re nearing 3.0, any of you folks wish you’ve finished all the quests and will support your server chancellor so that we all can proceed to Errac?

Me, I wish I haven’t been so slacking in my quests… Back during the 2.4 days, I was sooo stupid I just realized what pioneering quests are when my mains were lvl 88…..

While rushing for this and that, slacking here and there, I haven’t even started the Bahamas quest yet, let alone the pioneering Chaos Requiem quests…… Katovic quests, Reboldoeux Culverts quests, Gavin recruitment quest…..

Oh Em Gee……………………… I need an angel that would motivate me….Mr. Lazy-For-The-Heck-Of-It, to finish all my quests A.S.A.P.


While I’m at it, I’ll now intorduce something new. Starting 3.o, the Bringston Family are available for Secret Guard services. So you low level pioneers, sign up for mah services and you get your exp, I earn my Family Rep. Points.

Of course I’ll only take one family at a time, as soon as you reach lvl 100. It’s time to release you chicklets from your nests and go be independent. Or maybe better, join my faction: Academy of Tsubasa.

Look at the Right Side for Secret Guard application.

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Chapter 5 is up!

Yeap, as the title says. I’ve finally decided to write back again! Chapter 5 Chronicle of Methuss is out, people.

Read on!!!

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The Michael Jackson Fever

Is it just me…. Or am I the only one who still likes this guy?

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The Spirit of Christmas

Christmas is just on our doorsteps, and ’tis the season to be jolly. So, what has thou prepared for Christmas my fellow bloggers and otakus?

Hast thou prepared for one sumptuous meal? Or maybe one trip to your local amusement park? Or maybe even one good journey to North Pole to see St. Nicholas himself?

A good many things happens these years. We have all shared joy and sadness, despair and defeat, victory or death (Lok-Tar-Ogar!) but above all, I hope you all  have a jolly good time celebrating Christmas.

Now, moving away from our Christmas topic. It is sad indeed to discover that the rNPC bikini costumes aren’t even real……. I was hoping…. darn it.

And I have finally decided to make all live performances of “The Auch Boys Drama” will be screened live in Rembrant at 10 PM Singapore time, Saturday. Now currently at Episode 13. Catch Emmanuel and his squad in action! Of comedy, comradeship, and of course for you girls out there…. A few doses of yaoi hints. And soon to be yuri hints for you guys out there.

(Warning: The Auch Boys drama is rated by the Bringston’s Board of Censorship as NC-16. Unless otherwise specified, please view at your own risk. If you’re going to come just to spam your hatred on yaoi or yuri, please GTFO of my scene. Your cooperation is highly appreciated).

And for all my friends in GE, I have something special for you all! (PM me In-Game to know more!)

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My triumphant return, Round Two.

The line in my boarding house has been really bad to the point editing my blog is hopeless…. Thank God I’m now back in Indonesia for my school holidays, so expect to see moar updates.

I’m sorry for all of you waiting for my next updates. This blog has been blogspotted before, and I will do my best not to dissapoint you all.

Once again, thank you for all your support.

And yeah, catch the Auch Police Dramas LIVE in Rembrant. xD Time and Date to be announced…

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